About Us

Who we are and all that stuff.

In 2012 Nibb Digital was founded by Jeff Noble as a brand for the games he developed. "Nibb" was a nickname given for no particular reason when he was 5 years old. Under the "Nibb Digital" brand Jeff developed 2 games for the Android platform. "Incognito:Interstellar Space" and "Maneuvers"

In 2016 Jeff decided to change Nibb Digital to Nibb.co because, lets face it, its easier (and the website is in the name!). Since then Jeff along with the help of his daughter Julia have been working on "The Nature of Machines". Jeff does all of the programming, art direction and game design. Julia designs much of the graphics, sound and testing. To round it off Jeff's wife Jennie (Julia's mother) and beloved corgi Casey offer support and feedback. The corgi loves the game.

Developers Jeff and Julia are both huge science nerds and love to talk about science, space, and for sure, the significance of the number 42. We operate out of the basement of our house in Ankeny, Iowa.