The Menus

(Mostly) finished screenshots of my upcoming game, The Nature of Machines.

Updated April 29, 2018

Assembly Menu

Quill Cloud

The assembly menu is accessed from any owned 'Mining Exchange' (working title) used to build weapons and ships from scrap parts found and purchased in the world. On the left you see the assembly pieces and on the right you see the different schematics. Schematics will be unlocked through a research facility. If you click on a schematic on the right, the plan for that schematic will appear in the center. Then you can place the pieces on the left onto the assembly area and build your item/ship.

Trade Menu

Quill Cloud

The trade menu is used to buy and sell ships/weapons/parts and ore. I did my best to keep it simple and allow the player to make complicated transactions. Honestly, this menu system is not very novel. I clearly borrowed from a certain extremely popular game series as far as how the functionality goes.

Structure Build Menu

Quill Cloud

The structure build menu is really simple. Click on the planet center to open this menu. Support structures on the left, Defense structures on the right. Simply click on what you want to build and then place it where it will fit. You don't use a special ship to build structures and you don't need to have all of the credits that the structure costs to begin building. Once you've placed the structure, "build" ships will start exiting the planet center. As they leave, a certain amount of credits will be removed. These credits now represent a certain fraction of the build of the structure. Once the "build" ship reaches the structure build location, that percentage is added to the build until the structure is done. If you run out of credits durring build, you'll get a notice and then it will stop creating "build" ships to send to the structure. Once the credits are again available the building re-commences without any intervention from you. I hope this makes for an interesting game dynamic whereby you can prevent an enemy from rebuilding structures and starving the enemy of funds.

There are a few more menus coming and I'll probably edit this post when that time comes.